Global Warming–Don’t Just Suggest It…Prove It

I originally saw this article about the growing number of global warming skeptics in the scientific community.  It contains some pretty interesting stuff and is worth a full read…

The voices of many of these hundreds of scientists serve as a direct challenge to the often media-hyped “consensus” that the debate is “settled.”

While there I also found another great article

“The first Earth Day in America claimed the following, that because of global cooling, the population of America would have collapsed to 22 million by the year 2000. And of the average calorie intake of the average American would be wait for this, 2,400 calories, would good it were. [LAUGHTER] It’s nonsense and very dangerous. And what we have fundamentally forgotten is simple primary school science. Climate always changes.”

Is global warming a man-made problem?  Does it even exist?  I think it makes sense to read and listen to both sides before you decide, questioning possible personal motivations of everyone along the way.

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6 Replies to “Global Warming–Don’t Just Suggest It…Prove It”

  1. Just helped my 6th grader finish up a project on habitats… Her group chose a rainforest. Sigh…

    Here’s what I learned – someone can pretty much claim anything they want as long as they include the following:

    “Some studies have shown…”
    “other possible causes…”
    “Leading researchers believe…”
    “may lead to…”

    I spent two weeks with her on the project. It started out as a project on habitats but ended up as a project on critic thinking and the value of independent research. I can’t wait to see her (our) grade.

    Oh, and the secret code words for Global Warming is “Climate Change”. Since everyone pretty much rolls their eyes anymore when someone starts preaching about global warming they’ve changed the code words.

  2. I’d say as long as her conclusion was that we’re all going to die from global warming, errr, climate change unless the NEA is given the power to save us, she got at least a B+.

    Critical thinking…a novel idea.

    I heard a while back that they’d remixed the preferred terminology to “climate change”. I guess that way they are guaranteed to keep their jobs no matter what the weather does.

  3. @HM–I agree with that. I’d add “waste” to that as well. Just make things run efficiently and cleanly for the sake of efficiency and cleanliness.

    “Virtue is it’s own reward.” 😉

  4. When Gore got involved, I started getting really skeptical. I had already been skeptical as my background (in undergrad) was environmental science.

    Michael Crichton wrote a book based in this realm in 2004 called “State of Fear” there is a really good excerpt from this book called “Why Politicized Science is Dangerous” link here:

    The book is fiction, but much of the underlying research is real.

  5. Funny, I was going to mention the same book. It’s a good read. Reading the same books as billymac…scary. Don’t worry about Al, he can preach to us and continue his “carbon neutral” lifestyle by purchasing “carbon offsets” from a company he owns a piece of…what a joke. FYI, I am nominating myself for the next Nobel Peace Prize and would appreciate your support.

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