Ron Paul on Face the Nation

Great appearance this morning on Face the Nation for Dr. Paul. People who think that it doesn’t matter to raise a few million dollars doesn’t make sure you’ll get some big media air time, check this out. My favorite part of the interview was when he turned the “anti” question around and stated all the things for which he is “pro”.


Part I
[youtube k0C00o6mtwY]

Part II
[youtube rxoK6UV4l_4]

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3 Replies to “Ron Paul on Face the Nation”

  1. Well, other than some minor foreign policy issues, I really can’t find anything I disagree with him on. He has no chance in hell in being elected this election, but my prediction is that he or a candidate like him will finally make a HUGE difference in ’12. It will be quite refreshing, since the democratic party left the conservatives in their party in the late 70’s and the republicans left conservatives in the 90’s, it’s time for another party…I’d just settle for a real leader.
    If Dr. Paul is on my ballot, I’ll vote for him, but I just think it’ll be there a year from now.

  2. I had to go fishing yesterday (somebody had to do it) and missed the interview. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy it. The best part of supporting Dr. Paul is that you can do it without feeling sleazy. I didn’t catch any fish yesterday, but I feel pretty good.

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