Warning: This May Offend You

But if it does it is only because you don’t get it. It’s actually pretty hilarious. It’s a Bloomberg article written by a bitter hedge fund manager (aren’t they all?). Well, not really. But it’s written from that point of view, with all the classic claims of being victimized adjusted appropriately.

I’ve grown out of touch with “poor culture.”

Hard to say when this happened; it might have been when I stopped flying commercial. Or maybe it was when I gave up the bleacher seats and got the suite.

LOL! And this…

Transporting entire neighborhoods of poor people to upper Manhattan and lower Connecticut might seem impractical. It’s not: Mexico does this sort of thing routinely. And in the long run it might be for the good of poor people. If the consequences were more serious, maybe they wouldn’t stay poor.

I’d recommend reading the whole thing.

Thanks to Reason for highlighting this.

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  1. F-ing hilarious… especially the piece about the poor paying down debt working as clowns for rich kid b-day parties, classic!

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