A Possible Book Ban?

SomeONE apparently didn’t like a couple of paragraphs of Lee Smith’s “Fair and Tender Ladies”, and wants the book banned from Washington County Schools.

Makes sense. High school kids these days really aren’t prepared for that kind of language, mostly because they’ve been failed by our school systems. Back in my day, we could to hande the “F” word and anything else a book could fire our way because we’d already learned all about that stuff in middle school–on the bus.

Seriously, be glad if your high schooler is reading a book at all. Didn’t book banning go out of style some time in the 70s or 80s? Weren’t all of these kids running around named Holden and Pheobe named so in commemoration of its death?

via Michael Silence

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3 Replies to “A Possible Book Ban?”

  1. Remember what fireman do in Fahrenheit 451? Although that would be dangerous on school grounds I’m sure.

    Absolutely ludicrous especially considering they are an advanced placement English class…schools worry about the wrong things….more concerned about reaction to something than to whether or not it’s educational.

  2. Have we learned nothing form the past??
    I remember a small town in the 80’s tried to ban dancing because the Preacher’s son died (I think be tried to pop, locked instead, and had a stroke).
    Anyway, part of the town took this ban a little too far and started burning books. The Preacher got pissed, the teens got organized, and the dance hall got funky before everything was over.
    I guess I just want to encourage all of the kids in Washington County to cut loose…Footloose. And do it as soon as possible, because dancing is the only thing protecting our civil liberties any more.

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