The Knox County Plot Thickens

Just how bad is this going to get. There are almost too many things here to even begin to comment on.

We could really use a guy like Jesse Jackson or William Jefferson to come in and clean this mess up.

For all of you who are hell bent on using the gov’ment to solve our social ills, read on…

At the Fam-Sec site, Muenzer recorded meeting with program director Joy Douglass, who was there alone with her children, watching a movie.


At TennCorp, which operates in a building owned by Finch’s company, B&F Properties, the room designated for the children’s program contained Christmas decorations and van seats, according to a memo summarizing the site visits

and this

“(Ballinger) said they had not had any attendance in quite some time and that she had even mentioned to Michelle Maultsby that it was a ‘glorified baby-sitting service’ since it was usually just her son,”

and this

The file was taken to Finch’s office that night for review and was returned to the Community Development office the next morning. The memo was missing when reporters again looked at the file Wednesday.

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  1. Well, just sit back and watch… there will be more. All the those that are going to step away quietly (Werner) have done so. Everyone else is going to go kicking and screaming. Wait until these folks start turning on each other. You’ve seen the first sign with the EEOC fling by Lloyd.

    Death by a thousand cuts continues…

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