I’m Looking for Some Yaz…You Holding?

I meant to write about this a couple of weeks ago the first time I saw the commercial for Yaz birth control pills.

“Yaz” doesn’t sound like a reputable birth control product to me. It sounds like the street name for some highly addictive substance made from processing kerosene, roach killer, and cotton candy.

These pharmacutical ads are getting more and more ridiculous every day. The one for Yaz has a crew of good looking women at a club talking about the side effects of birth control pills. While this is probably more common than I am aware, there’s no way they could hold this conversation for more than 45 seconds without some guy overhearing and wanting in on the discussion. More than likely, he just got out of the Viva Viagra commercial and is all revved up.

Seen that one? A bunch of guys sitting around singing “Viva Viagra”. It looks to me like they are holed up in some clandestine barn, where they’ve been crushing Viagra pills, cooking it up in a spoon, and shooting it. They pass the time waiting for it to hit them by singing a parody of an Elvis song. As soon as they are “feeling it”, they walk out of the barn high-fiving each other and get into their own separate vehicles. They’ll all end up in the same part of town ten minutes later looking for hookers, or irritating the young professional women in the Yaz commercial.

But I digress. Luckily, the costs to produce these low-grade SNL skits is passed along to consumers who are not afforded the ability to buy meta-recreational pharmacuticals over the counter. Getting laid these days may require a trip to the doctor and a prescription.

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