Flavor Flav Roast

Lisa Lampanelli has to be the funniest person I’ve seen in a very long time. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but she was the only thing I really wanted to see anyway.

I did have one question though…where were Chuck D. and Terminator X? I’m assuming they were in attendance and I just didn’t see them. I sort of expected them to be up on the main stage.

I got to see Public Enemy play at the Bijou Theater (I think it was 1992). It’s funny, but looking back, PE actually represents everything that could possibly be right with rap. They were pretty controversial back then because of some of the things they said, but at least they were saying something.

Good luck finding that today. You’re lucky if you can find a guy (Mike Jones) who is talented enough to say his name over and over.

Flavor Flav said it best…”don’t believe the hype.”

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