Democrat Has Some Great Advice For Republicans

Sharon Cobb offers some free advice that should be obvious to any thinking person, but obviously isn’t obvious to the GOP.

Y’all have got to get back to being Barry Goldwater Republicans and stay out of personal lives of consenting adults instead of trying to make what consenting adults do a political issue for you. It’s shortsighted.

Yep. You’d better believe that the GOP is missing out on a lot of folks in the late 20s and early 30s who would prefer to have the gov’ment out of our lives. Some are naive enough to opt for the liberal alternative to what is now being called conservative (although I don’t see the difference anymore) and giving up an equally important freedom by letting the gov’ment into their wallets. Big mistake.

Others, like me, are turned off by the whole situation and pushed into supporting third parties that have no chance of winning on principle.

Ron Paul has given me hope that the Republicans can actually turn this thing around and get back to basics. The longer he stays in the race, the more people will hear his message, and the further the Republicans will be pushed towards staying out of people’s lives. At the very least, they could finally have something to actually debate about when they face the Democrats. Hell, I may even finally vote for one.

Thanks to Michael Silence for pointing this one out.

** UPDATE **
A related comment in an unrelated post at TheLibertyPapers

They both believe in big government, they simply piss our money away on different issues. Both groups’ policies will eventually lead to economic disaster.

Well put by UCrawford

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2 Replies to “Democrat Has Some Great Advice For Republicans”

  1. The democrats only like to cite republicans when they are attacking other republicans (see McCain) or when they apparently differ on the republican moral agenda. I’ll bet Cobb would think the Vietnamese personal lives would have been interfered with had Goldwater nuked em in the 60s like he promised. In any event, this is only code speak for “reproductive rights,” something Goldwater only got behind in his later years and certainly had issues with in the 60s and 70s.

    HBO, which has to get credit for the Sopranos and Entourage, ran an interesting but really misleading Goldwater documentary a year or so ago (of course this is the same network that brings you “when the levees broke” on a nightly basis). If an alien -the outerspace kind- flew in and watched it, it may think Goldwater stood for nothing but queer rights and baby killing. Of course all the liberals were there singing the praises of Goldwater and his libertarian views. They ran the daisy ad from the 60s, most assuredly from a time when Goldwater was controlled by a syndicate or had otherwise not fully evolved into a freedom loving sodomizer and aborter. I don’t think they mentioned, however, the following quote from those early years, when he was in the business of pissing off hippies and laying the groundwork for modern conservatism: “it is impossible to maintain freedom and order and justice without religious and moral sanctions.”

  2. You had me at “the democrats” (I think).

    I’ll take some Goldwater Republicanism any time, and I don’t really care if it’s a Al Franken, Spike Lee, Sharon Cobb, or one of those aliens who gets credit for making it happen.

    Pissing off hippies is good too, and is thankfully protected by the Constitution.

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