This Freaks Me Out

I’ve been a little worried about this whole Ron Paul thing for a couple of days, and today it only got worse. It started with the realization that one of my biggest fears has started to come true lately–this is starting to look like a Ron Paul blog. I haven’t been posting much stuff recently about rasslin’, getting held up at gunpoint by the gov’ment, or local porn stars. I remember how annoyed I got earlier this year with the “Run Fred Run” hype that was going on in the Tennessee blogosphere, and I don’t want to be doing the same thing with regards to Ron Paul, even if it is relevant.

Then my world really came crashing down. I had a conversation today with a friend of mine that has made me question everything in life I know to be true. To give those of you who know him a frame of reference, it’s that guy you’d least like to face in the front row. So I’m sure you can actually hear him saying, “I been readin’ yer website. You like that Ron Paul fella don’t cha?”

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s among the most reliable, solid, stand up guys you could ever know. He’s also very set in his ways. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him close-minded, but that is mostly due to the fact that doing so may put me in danger of having him choke me with my own small intestine. Let’s just say that he defends his own views strongly and leave it at that. Imagine what Fred Thompson would be like if he ate nothing but raw meat laced with gunpowder for a few months, and you’ll be close to understanding this guy.

Anyway, I was extremely shocked when he said, “I like that guy the best out of all of ’em. It kinda scares me that you like him too, ’cause you got some fv(ked up politics.” Believe me, it is just as scary to me as it is to him that we actually agree on who we’d like to see as the Republican nominee.

This Ron Paul thing may just work out after all. Hopefully I was wrong!

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6 Replies to “This Freaks Me Out”

  1. Well holy shit (or as you Tennesseans would say “Shit-Farr”)… that kinda freaks me out too.

    BTW, I’m leaning in the direction of RP myself, which would be the first Republican candidate I have ever supported.

  2. Okay, it just got nuttier. The second scariets front row player I know is leaning that way too.

    Maybe it’s time for me to switch sides?

  3. I’m a little freaked out, too…but in great way.
    I’m probably the wimpiest/crunchiest player to have second-rowed behind the aforementioned gunpowder-rubbed steak-eater, and RP has been the best candidate in my eyes since I began paying attention.
    Oh, what could it all mean? Maybe we can get all of Stephonoupapplopoliss’s money, the smug little prick.

  4. RP still hasn’t completely won over the backs…

    Besides, I’m having way too much fun with local politics to spend a lot of time on the national scene. I’ll get to that in the fall after all the local guys have completely ruined each other’s political futures…

  5. RP still hasn’t completely won over the backs…

    Thats because backs are the welfare recipients of rugby. They continually reap the benefits of the forwards’ hard work in earning and retaining ball, then complain that they don’t get enough ball.

    Someone should start a website–

  6. Be careful BillyMac, I voted for a Democrat once to give myself some arguing credibility and was burned. It turns out he thinks the Tennessee Supreme Court is supposed to be some type of representative democracy.

    I’ll just be happy if Paul stays in long enough to get some false promises out of the eventual Republicrat nominee.

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