Ron Paul on Bill Maher

The best thing about this interview is that as, ahem, “smart” and clever Maher is, he had very little in way of retort to Paul. Maybe this is the first time Maher has heard the argument that the Civil War wasn’t really about slavery?

[youtube xo6KIusCBoU]

Rogel has a good point though. Ron Paul may be to intellectual for his own good.

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2 Replies to “Ron Paul on Bill Maher”

  1. It us rather a sad point, because personally I would prefer a more intellectual president. But it seems like it is hard to appeal to the masses with an arguments that require intellectual approach.

  2. Rogel,
    You’re absolutely right. As you stated, people want only three second soundbites, and they have a hard time mentally digesting anything bigger than that.

    Add to this the fact that libertarianism is more of a philosophy of how to live correctly than it is a way to manufacture a system the provides personal gain, and many people are completely lost.

    Regardless, odds are good that we will get a more intellectual president next time around. 😛

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