The Great Society Part II?

The Liberty Papers are painting a scary picture for our future…

Further, if things get bad, you can expect a quick increase in the level of socialism in this country. In an effort to placate both American big business and American voters, you’ll see the government take over health care. As a result of the inflation government will cause, you’ll quickly see them try to institute price controls and wage controls, like the 1970’s. All the while, they’ll blame scapegoats like outsourcing companies, while their own inflationary policies are causing the problem.

Pretty soon there won’t be anything left to socialize, then what? The whole article paints a pretty bleak picture. The ARMs, interest only loans, and baloon loans that have propped up the real estate market are some of the most worrisome. As bad as it is going to be for all those people who thought the ride would never end, it sure would be great to be sitting on a big mountain of cash.

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