Nasty Weather at Boston Marathon

Heavy rains, temperatures in the upper 30s, and gusts of wind up to 50 mph.

I’ve never qualified for Boston, and I’m glad I didn’t this year.  The website has up to the minute conditions and results, including this helpful tip on treating hypothermia:

If CPR is necessary, resuscitation should not be stopped until the person’s body temperature is at least 95°F/35°C (never give up your efforts). All temperatures indicated are rectal measures, which give a closer indication of core temperature. If the victim is cooperative, you may take temperature by other methods.

I’d be willing to cooperate fully.  Sounds like a nice day to sit on the couch under a quilt and watch a marathon.

Concensus versus Truth–Global Warming, Babe Ruth, and Rickey Henderson

The other day, a friend sent me an article from the KNS  about recent temperatures in East Tennessee, presumably trying to convince me that global warming is real and that the temperatures and phenomena in this area for the past 20 years prove it.  All of this stemmed from a conversation we had a few days before about global warming, whether or not humans are causing it, and who (individuals or governments) should do something about it.  Disclaimer:  I feel it necessary to state at this point that this is not a post on global warming.

The guy who sent this article is one of the smatest people I know–easily in the top five amongst my friends, although that may not mean much :), when it comes to raw intellectual power.  He is well educated in the sciences, with an engineering degree from a university who’s program is respected nationally.  I think it is safe to assume that the scientific method is still taught and practiced there and was part of his training.

My surprise isn’t that he believes in global warming.  I am more intrigued that he is willing to argue the causes, which he believes to be humans, based on scientific concensus while completely dismissing facts proven by the scientific method.  He doesn’t dismiss all of the facts mind you, just the ones that don’t support his opinion.

Okay…no more global warming.  Let’s shift gears and talk about baseball and how these topics are related. Continue reading “Concensus versus Truth–Global Warming, Babe Ruth, and Rickey Henderson”

Global Warming Facts and Concensus

I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing a longer post that would remind my friends trained in the sciences about the strength of the scientific method and the differences between facts and theories.  For now, this aricle will have to do.  Matt Maschinot’s point in the article’s comments goes says just about all that needs to be said:

“Does anyone else find it a little unnerving that one of the greatest observations is in the history of man – Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” is still – even after being empirically confirmed 100’s of times, without a single contradiction – relegated to the lowly status of ‘Theory’? While GW, while not having a single corroborative case, is considered by many to be scientifically proven ‘Fact’.”

Take the time to read this entire article.

Gingrich and Kerry to Debate

Not presidential though, it’s climate.  What once was touted as a concern for humanity has now officially been polarized by the Republicrats as a way to sell books and get some “look at me” time.  Jeremy Jacobs has the full story.

I couldn’t help but be amused by this:

“As a father, when someone tells me that within the next decade, if we don’t deal with global warming, our children and grandchildren may deal with global catastrophe, that tells me I damn well better do whatever I can to help make Washington deal with this responsibly,” Kerry added.

Really?  When someone tells me that we’re headed towards a global catastrophe, it tells me that I damn well better figure out if this guy is full of shit before I work myself into a panic unnecessarily.

I tried to find something in there to make fun of Newt as well, just to be fair, but couldn’t.  Continue reading “Gingrich and Kerry to Debate”

Can’t Wait to See Gore’s Graph for Mars

National Geographic’s article on Martian Warming

“The long-term increase in solar irradiance is heating both Earth and Mars,” he said.

By no means does this suggest we shouldn’t be reducing our energy consumption.  I do what I can to reduce…I love the idea of reducing my con$umption.  My definition of “green power” is spending as little as I have to on electricity and fuel…thus empowering my green.