What to do With Your Galt Time

If you’re thinking of going Galt next year, it wouldn’t hurt to start finding something to do with all that down time now. After all, it’s damn near impossible to be completely unproductive, and it’s going to take some planning.

I think I’ve found one outlet.

Last Sunday, I was running with one of my buddies, we’ll call him The Schwartz, and he said (this is a direct quotation), “I’m glad you got me out to run today, man. I’ve wasted way too much time this weekend on Wookieepedia.”

Now, you have to understand that my initial reaction was that this was some sort of weird porn site. But no, it’s actually a wiki all about Star Wars. The Schwartz was absolutely engrossed in how much other people knew about Star Wars and how much he didn’t. He remarked that his brother was actually pissed because people knew so much more about Star Wars than him.

I’m not making this up. And this is why I love my friends–each and every one of them. I have so much to learn from other people. Without The Schwartz, there’s a good chance I’d never have never known that Wookieepedia exists. Maybe you’d never have known either.