Lee vs. Eastwood

A few of my friends have a long thread of emails going that was initiated by Clint Eastwood bitch slapping Spike Lee.  It has evolved into a discussion over the merits of each of their movies.  I’ve spent most of my time on the sidelines of this discussion; all I really needed to do was type in the word “Unforgiven” to get my point across.

I’m not much of a movie critic…most fall into the category “really good”, like Juno (take that HM) or “that sucked”, like “Starship Troopers”.  As I’ve said before, picking movies is a complicated matter.  Luckily, my old age has allowed me to hone my criteria for what constitutes a good movie down to a pretty simple litmus test…

If it ain’t got Jackie Gleason chasin’ Burt Reynolds I ain’t gonna bother watchin’ it.