Gingrich and Kerry to Debate

Not presidential though, it’s climate.  What once was touted as a concern for humanity has now officially been polarized by the Republicrats as a way to sell books and get some “look at me” time.  Jeremy Jacobs has the full story.

I couldn’t help but be amused by this:

“As a father, when someone tells me that within the next decade, if we don’t deal with global warming, our children and grandchildren may deal with global catastrophe, that tells me I damn well better do whatever I can to help make Washington deal with this responsibly,” Kerry added.

Really?  When someone tells me that we’re headed towards a global catastrophe, it tells me that I damn well better figure out if this guy is full of shit before I work myself into a panic unnecessarily.

I tried to find something in there to make fun of Newt as well, just to be fair, but couldn’t.  Continue reading “Gingrich and Kerry to Debate”

Do Smoking Bans Cause DUIs?

From the KNS:

”As the U.S. Surgeon General said last year — the debate is over, the science is clear. Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard that causes premature death and disease in children and nonsmoking adults,” said Conte.

That statement is certainly true, and I’m not contesting it.  However, there is one small detail to this issue that proponents of smoking bans overlook–the freedom to choose. Continue reading “Do Smoking Bans Cause DUIs?”

Can’t Wait to See Gore’s Graph for Mars

National Geographic’s article on Martian Warming

“The long-term increase in solar irradiance is heating both Earth and Mars,” he said.

By no means does this suggest we shouldn’t be reducing our energy consumption.  I do what I can to reduce…I love the idea of reducing my con$umption.  My definition of “green power” is spending as little as I have to on electricity and fuel…thus empowering my green.