Two Hours Late

Driving in this morning I was listening to all the school and business closings.  Several of them were running “two hours late.”  Here in the South, the slightest bit of snow or ice is enough to cause schools to open either one hour late, two hours late, or close altogether.  Basically, those are the only three options.

I was reminded of a day when I was in sixth grade and our school opened two hours late because of snow.  After we arrived, we spent at least another hour sitting in our homeroom class while the administration figured out how to schedule the rest of the day.  Not that I really minded sitting around and goofing off with my friends for an hour, but I remember wondering why they hadn’t planned for this in advance.

I mean, there were only 3 possible scenarios, and one (being closed) meant that they wouldn’t have to plan at all.

Baby Born…Finally!

Not that I had to carry her around for 9 months or anything, but the last two days of waiting weren’t very fun. But healthy is all you can ask for, and that’s what we got, so of course we are very happy!

Of course, posts will be less than the regular infrequency for the next few days, but I hope to make it worth the wait with a scathing rant on the infant car seat racket. I’m saving that one for coming home day.

Not in Keeping, But…

ThumbsuckerThere’s no way I could not post a picture of the little one to be. We have a video too, which we were able to get onto a DVD, but I don’t have a way to rip the video into .avi at home. Hopefully I can get that done soon.