This Would Be Real Election Fun

In the last few hours, I’ve become a big fan of what Hillary Clinton is trying to do.  In fact, I’d like to see her continue her campaign all the way through the general election.  Think about how much fun we’d have with this unlikely scenario…

HC leaves the Democratic Party and runs as an independent.  As a result, she will receive some backhanded support from some Republicans (a la Operation Chaos) in order to take votes away from Obama.  Not enough for her to beat McCain, but enough that Obama couldn’t win.  Hillary would continue portraying herself as a populist, and her (correct) argument that she’s the best candidate to take on McCain would pull some of Obama’s votes away from him.  To counter, Obama would have to fight with her for votes while also giving backhanded support to the Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates to take help take votes from McCain, at the same time defending against the Green Party.

There would be lots of positioning and strategery going on, and every candidate would have to go out on a limb to really distinguish themselves from the candidate that’s closest to them philosophically.  So instead of ridiculous arguments between Dems and Reps over silly details, we’d get real four and five way debate.  People would get taken to task by the other candidates on real issues, and no one would be afraid to call bullshit when the opportunity presented itself.

Kind of how an election should really be, huh?

Bidding for Ron Paul’s Donor List

David Weigel was on C-SPAN tonight talking about the Libertarian Party convention, and he brought up something that’s pretty interesting regarding Ron Paul’s donor list.  That’s a pretty valuable list.  It’s very long, and made up of people who are willing to donate money for a political cause–enough money to cause a problem for somebody, most likely John McCain.  Weigel mentioned that Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin who had previously endorsed Paul’s candidacy may have a shot at getting this list.

So Ron Paul is in an enviable situation.  On one hand, he’s got the Libertarian and Constitution parties both wanting his valuable donor list and endorsement.  On the other hand, he’s still officially running for the nomination himself in the very party who would most be hurt by him supporting someone else.  And he surely has some of that major stack of cash he raised left over that the RNC would love to get their hands on.  Will they be willing to sell him a prime speaking spot at their convention?