Bob Barr on This Week

I’ll give Bob Barr this, he went after the Democrats and the Republicans equally, even though Stephanoplous kept hammering home the point that Barr would take votes away from McCain almost exclusively.

Bob Barr isn’t going to win, but I like the message he’s trying to deliver that the system needs to be opened up from the artificially created situation that gives us only two choices.  In fact, I’d like to see that be one of the major themes of the campaign–destruction of the ologarchy.

Until folks realize this is the reality of our situation, all the campaign slogans in the world won’t produce any Change.

Libertarian Party Agenda–Keep Hillary Clinton Out of Office

The “party of principle” compromised its principles over the weekend in some people’s eyes by choosing Bob Barr as its Presidential nominee. You may ask why that matters since they don’t have a legitimate shot of winning anyway. Well, to hard liners like Christine Smith, the Libertarian Party is just a shell of itself and no longer worthy of their participation. Her comments here actually sum up the very reason I’ve never been a member of the LP, although I usually vote Libertarian: I’m completely turned off by the term “true libertarian”. Even amongst the hard liners, there is constant bickering about who is the real libertarian. According to Smith, the Party is now dead.

tangleBut the LP may have actually accomplished something important this weekend after all–the stonewalling of Hillary Clinton until at least 2016. If Christine Smith is right and Bob Barr is just a neocon in libertarian clothing, he’s going to get a lot of protest votes from Republicans who aren’t happy with McCain’s nomination–maybe enough to cost him the election. That would set Obama up to win, keeping Hillary on the sidelines for 2012 as well.

Too funny.

Libertarian Party Convention

So I just got a chance to watch last night’s Libertarian Presidential candidates’ debate and the candidates speeches leading up to the nomination, and I gotta tell ya–not that excited about Bob Barr as the nominee.  I’m sure he’ll get more votes than most of the other candidates could have, but I’m not sure that really matters unless you are a Republican and are worried about the LP stealing voters.

I actually thought Wayne Allyn Root could have done a decent job as the nominee.  He’s a salesman and very enthusiastic.  We decided he sort of reminded us of an older Sean Astin who’d had a bunch of Red Bulls.  I think he also had the best line of the debates, even though it was prepared:

“The difference between Las Vegas and Washington D.C. is that in Vegas the drunks gamble with their own money, not yours.”

Maybe I can live with Root as the VP candidate and will let that persuade me to vote LP, but I’m not sure.

Isn’t it interesting that all the major parties are in turmoil?  The situation iwth Hillary and Barack is the obvious example, but the Republicans have similar issues with their talk radio propgandists displeasure with McCain and the Ron Paul supporters.  Watching the speeches, there are some people who are extremely dissatisfied with Bob Barr even being called a Libertarian.  Christine Smith’s speech was pretty critical, but she seemed like a recruiter for a cult or something…a little scary.

And isn’t the Green Party having some kind of issues as well?  I don’t really keep up with them much, but I remember reading about some major GP person getting mad and leaving the party.

Chaos is probably the best thing that could happen to the people of this country, especially chaos within the two major parties.

I’ll Tell You a Secret

From Newscoma:

Right now, what I’m hearing is give McCain a shot if I can’t have it so I can have it in 2012. I know she isn’t saying that but it’s the vibe I’m getting. I think Clinton’s policies are basically the same as Obama’s. I think she is a savvy and clever woman, but if anyone is utilizing the tired Rovian playbook, it’s Clinton.

With the three tick turds remaining in the two major parties, and the possibility that Mike Gravel or Bob Barr could be the LP candidate (I’m still trying to figure that one out), am I the only one who has a (very) small part of them secretly wishing that they could turn back time and vote for Bill Clinton? Oops, I guess it’s not a secret any more.

Sorry Slick Willie–I didn’t know how good we had it with you in office. Can Jimmy Carter run again? What about Billy?