Live Blogging of the South Carolina Debate Part II

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Question 21:  That’s funny that Gilmore lumps those three together.  I like to do that with “Republicrats”.  He is doing a great job of not naming names.  And now he’s naming names.  This could get good.

Question 22:  Guiliani is basically asking McCain to be his running mate.  I guess he’s been anointed?   Wallace busts his ass for not answering the question.  And he still does not answer the question.  He may become un-anointed.

Question 23:  McCain is going to turn this into “reach across the aisle”.  Wait for it…there it is!  I should be writing for him.  A least I know what he’s going to say already.  Three “reaces across the aisle” so far.
Question 24:   What if 80% of the citizens in Huckabee’s state voted for him to jump off a cliff…would he do it?

Question 25:  Poor Mitt Romney.  He had to fight so hard in Massachusetts.

Question 26:  Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to everyone.  Not one of these guys would support that.  It doesn’t poll well.

Question 27:   Thompson looks like a substitute science teacher talking about embryonic stem cells.  Actually, he looks like a vice principal filling in because there isn’t a substitute.

Question 28:  Guiliani gets another question.  This is now being made Guiliani vs. Huckabee…a nice “bump” for Huckabee.  He turns it into a blast on Islam.

Question 29:  Brownback at least stands by principle no matter the circumstances.  If you believe we are all children of God, his stance makes since.

Question 30:  Back to Romney.  I admire people who can separate their personal views and wishes with the role of government.  Unfortunately, Romney is just a flip-flopper.

No questions for Ron Paul in that round.  Hmmm……

Question 31:   I think Tancredo forgot the question.  The “Road to Des Moines” line was good.  Bonus points for that.

Question 32:  McCain wants a bi-partisan solution…a reach across the aisle.

Question 33:  Mr. Romney, we don’t need an employment verification system if we have big programs that give everything away to those who don’t work.

Question 34:  Rebuttal from McCain.  This is getting ridiculous.

Question 35:  Let’s put Guiliani’s database into Al Gore’s lock box.  He isn’t addressing the statements of his past.  This is becoming a pattern with him.

Question 36:  Duncan Hunter built a fence in San Diego.  That’s nothing compared to inventing the internet–good thing he doesn’t have to run against Gore.  His hair is messed up.

Question 37:  Didn’t Ron Paul answer this question before?  “Follow the Constitution” should be his campaign slogan.  Back to Reagan again…

***Guiliani butts in and breaks the format, and of course it is allowed by the moderators.  It is getting Ron Paul air time…I’ll take it.  Paul isn’t saying that 9-11 was justified, he’s only giving their justification.  He’s not condoning their reason, just saying that it was the reason.

Question 38:   McCain is taking his right answer and claiming that it was wrong.  It is up to the State of South Carolina.

Question 39:   Huckabee thinks “Missouri” ends with an “a”.  That’s a state issue, not a national one.

Question 40:  Tancredo gets confused on every single question.  He debates like an 8th grader.

Live Blogging of the South Carolina Debate Part I

Not really live…there’s about an 18 minute TiVo delay plus pausing for “I can’t believe he just said that” moments.

Question 1:  McCain seems like he is just trying to fill up a minute’s worth of talking

Question 2:  Thompson isn’t answering the question at all.  What he should say is, “If they don’t do it our way, we’ll leave–that’s how I can require them.”

Question 3:  Romney answers the question immediately.  He at least has a firm grasp on what he believes, assuming that it is within a reasonable foreign policy to be there.

Question 4:  Brownback, I think the base of the question was whether or not winning the war has anything to do with politicians.  You missed where he was going with this.  How do you use politics with people who only understand killing.

Question 5:   Guiliani makes a great point about the Democrats’ timetable.  That is a planned retreat–stupid tactically.

Question 6:   So basically, Tancredo would do exactly what Bush is doing…wrong answer.

Question 7:   Ron Paul is basically quoting how war is supposed to be declared constitutionally.  Channeling Ronald Reagan again…good move.

Question 8:   Hunter is more interested in presenting his resume where he “didn’t do anything special”.  That’s funny.

Question 9:  Huckabee looks like Kevin Spacey.  I believe in God, and the only thing I’m afraid of is  Mike Huckabee.

Question 10:   So will you or won’t you rule out striking Iran?  I’m confused.

Question 11:  How could you have raised taxes in Massachusettes?   They are so high they can’t be raised anymore.  “Washington is broken”–that sounds like something I’ve heard before.  Romney is the most impressive speaker.

Question 12:   Yes, spending is out of control McCain.  And how long have you been in Washington?  Yes, you are repeating your story.  Get some new material.

Question 13:  Huckabee throws the Fair Tax out there. I’d like to see how many of these clowns agree with him.  “John Edwards at a beauty shop”–that’s a lame and contrived line.  Minus some points for that one.

Question 14:  Guiliani catches on and invokes Reagan’s name.  Reduce government by attrition.

Question 15:  Brownback is a butt hook.  As soon as you start talking about how you can affect the markets as president, you’ve lost my support.  Let the providers increase supply if the market demands it.

Question 16:  Thompson looks like he’s reading his answer.  If he is, he should find someone to write a better answer for him.  He didn’t even name one program that needs to be eliminated.  And he got busted for it.  He immediately goes to his own department.

Question 17:   And Ron Paul names three DEPARTMENTS that need to be eliminated…not just programs.  I love this guy!  He is so on point it is unbelievable.  When have we ever had a Department of Homeland Security in any of the other wars we won…why do we need it now?

Question 18:   Gilmore is riding Ron Paul’s coattails in talking about making people independent of the government.  Pimps his website and blog.  I can respect that.  🙂

Question 19:   Hunter attacks China for devaluing their currency.

Question 20:  Tancredo has to think about whether or not debt is bad.  Everyone is now questioning the federal government’s role.  Ron Paul may not be able to win, but he’s moving the debate in the right direction.

Republican Debate at the Reagan Library Part II

Okay, I was trying to do this without reading what anyone else in the blogosphere had written. I did have to sneak a peek at Reason’s live blogging of the debates last night. Freaking hilarious–check it out. Continuing on with some funnier categories…

Candidate I could beat up the easiest
Ron Paul. This guy is super-intellectual, but he is much smaller than the other candidates. I think this will hurt his chances of getting noticed. He did do a great job of differentiating himself with what he said, but I’m not sure how many people get how far removed we are from the original intent of the Constitution.

Candidate who would be the toughest to beat up
I’d have to say McCain. You just don’t want to mess with people who have been in a POW camp. He has strengths in places I don’t even have places.

Candidate I’d most like to fight
Romney. As I said in my last post, he reminds me of Clinton. The reason I’d give for whooping him? “I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Candidate I’d most want to deliver the baby
Dr. Paul. Obviously.

Candidate I’d least want to deliver the baby
Gilmore. If he walked into the deliver room I’d say, “who the hell is this guy?” There’s nothing memorable about him.