The Absurdity of the Big Three Bailout in One Sentence

If the taxpayers of this country wanted you to have their money (or had it to give), a good indicator would have been that they were actually buying your cars.

Didn’t we already vote on this when we decided not to buy?

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The federal government has no business running a car company. Congress has proven their inability to be fiscally responsible in any context. Five hundred thirty five CEOs of GM will only screw it up futher.

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Why We MUST Bail Out Chrysler

Because if they fail it could cause a depression.  At least that’s what one of their top execs, Jim Press, says.

“We’re on the brink with the U.S. auto manufacturing industry,” Press told The Associated Press in an interview. “If we have a catastrophic failure of one of these car companies, in this tender environment for the economy, it’s a huge blow. It could trigger a depression.”

I’m glad we have someone with his proven level of economic prowess in running a company into the ground to predict the economy for us.  Why couldn’t this soothsayer see the problems in his own company and avert them?

I’ll start looking to the execs of the Big Three for economic expertise as soon as I finish up getting investment tips from my uncle with his closet full of Beanie Babies.