Everybody’s Webless For The Weekend

Well, at least I am–mostly. Just a few thoughts that kept me up for a good 5 or 10 minutes last night…

John McCain’s speech was pretty non-eventful until the end. He tried to do something that is very effective when he was speaking over the applause and hoots. While it was effective, if he had a powerful voice like Obama or a passionate delivery like, uh, Lou Holtz(?) it would have been even more effective.

As far as Cindy McCain’s speech goes…families are off-limits to bloggers, right? Fair enough. I’ll save it for Twitter.

Although I disagree with him on more than I agree with him, I think John McCain is an honorable guy as far as politicians go. And I’ll take a guy who suffered through 5 years of physical, mental, and emotional hell in service to our country over a guy who pads his resume with “Community Organizer”. Seriously? Really? That would be like me interviewing for a network security job with a bank and boasting about my vast experience setting my MySpace profile to “private”.

I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for, but I know it won’t be Obama or McCain. And before you leave a comment about “throwing your vote away”, remember that I live in a state that is solid Republican and won’t be changing this time around. Besides, I think voting for one candidate even though you like another one better is the real definition of throwing your vote away.

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11 Replies to “Everybody’s Webless For The Weekend”

  1. OK, We got home late last night, and the only reason I DID watch McCain’s (had to scroll up to make sure I spelled his name correctly) speech is because it was the only thing on when I turned on the tube. I must admit, I did feel a glimmer of optimism. Not because of any one thing he said, or promised, but because I do have a tremendous amount of respect for what he endured. I totally respect someone that has fought for what they believe in for as long as he has, taken the hits, and keeps getting back up. Im not sure what I believe any more or whom, if anyone, I will vote for, but I do know that I would feel a “hella” lot more at peace with someone like McCain in office, then some wannabe like Obama. This coming from someone who, before last night, believed he had fought for something good (other than politics) for a long time and rationalized giving up because my ego told me I was the only who cared any more. So in order to “survive”, I gave up. I had a spark of enthusiasm last night, I was slightly moved, but it all went away when I shut off the tube and reality set back in. I know I am hardened, I know that me not caring is weakness, but right now “Scarlett….I just don’t…”

  2. @ken I don’t think not voting is as effective. Even if your tiny little voice gets heard by voting for someone other than the top two, at least you get to whisper.

  3. @Robert Owen check out http://www.nota.org

    I’ve mentioned the “none of the above” movement on this blog previously. The basic idea is that “nota” gets put on the ballot, and if “nota” wins another election is held with none of the previous candidates on the ballot. That would go a long way in keeping parties from sinking $$$ into bad and ineffective candidates.

  4. Padding a resume suggests the person didn’t actually perform the service or hold the job. Obama actually worked for 3 years after college in inner city NY and Chicago as a community organizer after receiving an undergraduate degree from Columbia. After 3 yrs of this work he went to Harvard for a law degree. Before working in the community, he worked on Wall Street.

    I don’t understand why community service is being characterized as a negative experience? It’s tough,low paying, heart wrenching work. The insights I gained from my time was invaluable for my future. Many of the community organizations that serve the homeless, poor, elderly, shut-ins, and disabled are there because the government can’t or won’t do it.

  5. @joan sorry…please excuse my ignorance of the proper term for putting minor stuff on your resume for one of the most important jobs in the world and making it sound like more than it was. I’m not that familiar with the process.

    I’m sure he actually was a community organizer. Just like I actually did make my MySpace account private.

    Now, about that network security job…are you hiring? 😛

    And I’m not saying community service is a negative thing. In fact I admire the guy for doing something in a community instead of asking government to do it. I’m just saying that it’s not a great resume builder for the Presidency.

  6. For what it’s worth, I’ll be voting for McCain despite the fact that Illinois will be going to the Democrats. I am not about to tell anyone how he/she should vote, but I do think exercising your right to vote is important. I don’t have a lot of respect for someone who sits on their ass and “chooses” not vote.

    Don’t get me started on Obama. I live outside of Chicago and know exactly how he got to where he is. He is a smart man and an eloquent speaker, but is not qualified to be the President. He happens to be the luckiest bastard on Earth to even be elected to the State Senate and is a product of the Chicago Democratic machine. I encourage you to read up on the circumstances of his election and what he has done for his consituents (like his ringing endorsement for Todd Stroger for example). Actions speak louder than words and Obama toes the party line and does not waiver even when the stench is evident to everyone else.

    Community service is not a negative experience and it is commendable. However, it does not qualify you to be President. I “organized” a bunch of kids at an AYSO soccer game last weekend and don’t feel and don’t plan to throw my hat in the ring anytime soon.

  7. @tlittle too bad you aren’t running. I’d vote for you. At least I know we wouldn’t lose possession and you’d spike anyone with hostile intentions who came within your reach.

  8. Hmmmm…I think you might be onto something there. Eating light bulbs might go over better drill here, drill now with the green voters.

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