Knoxville’s Miracle Mile? Huh?

Wh-wh-WHAT?  KnoxTalks has the lowdown on an NBC reporter making the statement about the stretch of Kingston Pike between Sequoya Hills and UT:

“people call it The Miracle Mile”

C’mon.  Making things up to make a news story more interesting is soooo 2003 New York Times.  But I’ll play along by making my own completely false and ridiculous statement and see if I get some play on big blogs for my nifty wordsmithing…

Big media clowns make up so much stuff about Knoxville, we call them all Jayson Blair.

Find me one Knoxvillian who has ever called this stretch “The Miracle Mile and I’ll buy you both dinner at The Varsity, which everyone knows is the place where all Knoxville locals eat.  It’s located out there in the new Turkey River development.

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2 Replies to “Knoxville’s Miracle Mile? Huh?”

  1. No, I think I heard it that once. When I came to UT, someone said something about all the churches… wait, nothing I portend to “remember” from college days can be trusted. Never mind.

  2. Victor, I feel the same way. I’ve even convinced myself that I didn’t learn anything in college because I don’t remember anything from college.

    I think the closest thing to a Miracle Mile in Knoxville is that stretch that Fulmer walks to the stadium with the football team on game day. It’s a miracle he can walk that far.

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