Hillary R. Clinton Will You Please Go Now?

Hillary ClintonWe’ve seen her insult Tammy Wynette for standing by her man, before she stood by her man.

We’ve seen her be against the war in Iraq, before she was for it.

We’ve seen her criticize the idea of a moratorium on the gas tax, before she supported it.

We’ve seen her agree that the results in Michigan and Florida primary results shouldn’t count, before she decided that they should.

Now she’s vowed to fight all the way to the White House. Does that mean she’ll be dropping out soon?

Please! I’ve never had this much trouble getting a woman out of my life. I never thought I’d say this–poor Bill.

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3 Replies to “Hillary R. Clinton Will You Please Go Now?”

  1. HM, thanks for taking my argument to its logical end. I wasn’t comfortable saying that.

    Even though it’s true.

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