Bidding for Ron Paul’s Donor List

David Weigel was on C-SPAN tonight talking about the Libertarian Party convention, and he brought up something that’s pretty interesting regarding Ron Paul’s donor list.  That’s a pretty valuable list.  It’s very long, and made up of people who are willing to donate money for a political cause–enough money to cause a problem for somebody, most likely John McCain.  Weigel mentioned that Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin who had previously endorsed Paul’s candidacy may have a shot at getting this list.

So Ron Paul is in an enviable situation.  On one hand, he’s got the Libertarian and Constitution parties both wanting his valuable donor list and endorsement.  On the other hand, he’s still officially running for the nomination himself in the very party who would most be hurt by him supporting someone else.  And he surely has some of that major stack of cash he raised left over that the RNC would love to get their hands on.  Will they be willing to sell him a prime speaking spot at their convention?


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3 Replies to “Bidding for Ron Paul’s Donor List”

  1. The FEC has the list and it is free. (ps. Barr don’t send me anything, if Paul loses the Republican Nomination, I am Constitution Party Bound!)

  2. Thanks for the comment Mickey…

    Yep, it’s free. It’s also worthless without Ron Paul’s endorsement. Might as well just use the phone book.

  3. The FEC list can’t be used to solicit funds – read the disclaimer – plus it only includes people who gave over $250. The Paul list is valuable.

    I’ve already donated the maximum to Libertarian candidate Bob Barr so he doesn’t need to send me anything either. 🙂

    Ron Paul is a libertarian republican, not a theocratic republican. I’m not sure why people would even consider going to the anit-free trade, theocratic Constitution Party….besides the Libertarian candidate will be on the ballot in all 50 states, the Constitutional Party candidate might get on 2/3rds of them.

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