Reports From New Hampshire

Rogel packed up the whole family and carted them from New York to New Hampshire to participate in the primaries.  He’s reporting back some of his experiences, and a couple of funny anecdotes:

In the background my wife listen to a conversation between a Ron Paul supporter and a McCain supporter – The Ron Paul supporter tried to explain that monetary policy is the main issue and that, obviously, Ron Paul is the ideal candidate to deal with the economic crisis. Frustrated with the other supporter ignorance he urged him “You have to read Hayek and Mises”. He lost him at “you have to read” observed my wife.

I really enjoy reading these “man on the street” type reports from regular folks like you and me.  He isn’t beholden to any editor or corporation to dictate what he writes, giving him the chance to tell it the way he sees it.  Keep it up, and keep posting updates!

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