About THE Ron Paul Article

The article that appeared today in The New Republic was, of course,  designed to be a hit piece–do maximum damage on an important day.  Having said that…

It’s pretty obvious after reading that newsletters that Ron Paul is telling the truth when he says he didn’t write it.  It’s funny, but I worked with a guy during the mid-90s that wrote newsletters/pamphlets and posted them around campus to “piss off as many people as possible”, and it sounds like something he would have written.

Having said that

Claiming “moral responsibility” may be admirable, but it isn’t enough.  If Ron Paul has a hope of saving his campaign and reputation he’s going to have to name the person who wrote the newsletters.   The kind of person who would write things like this under Dr. Paul’s name in the first place isn’t the kind of person who would come forward at this point and claim responsibility.

If Ron Paul doesn’t name names soon, he’ll look like he’s protecting this person at the very least.

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6 Replies to “About THE Ron Paul Article”

  1. I am here to announce that I have officially broken up w/ Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and will no longer be supporting his candidacy. Remember when you broke up with the kind of different chick you met in college who was unlike all other girls you knew in high school? She talked a little different, had some new radical ideas that appealed to your basic nature. You believed in her. A girl who could stay up all night, liked the music you liked, was a little edgy. Why isn’t she taken? How could I be so lucky? Turns out she had a lot of crazy friends, belived that deoderant was in reality the cause of body odor, and burnt herself with cigarettes while she was in high school. Now, with my break up, I feel liberated just like I (figuratively) did back then. I started noticing warts 4 to 6 weeks ago (on Paul, not myself). First, I got sick of “Dr.” Paul. Like that is supposed to give him some credibility. Dr. Paul this, Dr. Paul that. People, he is a Dr. of medicine, not a Dr. of Constitutional law. I don’t think he is even aware that we have something in the constitution called the commerce clause. Moreover, having represented a few Doctors, beware of any who want to get into politics. Trust me on that. Second, I got this feeling that he really doesn’t like this place. I got in a discussion with a RP supporter in my firm and I could not articulate any specific facts, but come on, he has not liked anything this country has done for at least fifty years. I would feel pretty comfortable in saying he hasn’t liked anything this country has done since 1860 or so. In a country that is just over 200 years old, that is a lot to dislike. I love the constitution, believe I should be able to say what I like, worship who I like, buy any gun I like, do what I want in my home, run my business without governmental interference, etc., but at some point, this Country’s policies are this Country. Things have been done. FDR screwed us. Get over it a bit. Sounds a bit weak, I know, and I halfway expect to think I love Big Brother just before the lights go out, but I am not willing join up for the pull all our troops out of every country and trade with them for peace. Third, though I probably agree with at least 60% of the things said by the “ghost writer” in today’s article, there are a vocal minority of nuts associated with his campaign, much like the alleged “ghost writer.” I appreciate the power to the people, stand up to the political machine, grass roots nature of his campaign, but some of those people who have never been this excited about a campaign before, well, just shouldn’t be involved in campaigning. There is a reason those people’s candidates never win. No, not because of the one world government or because they are smarter than the rest of us. When I open up a can of mixed nuts, I don’t find a steak or a cold beer in there. I just find nuts. Now there may be a cashew or two, but invariably there will be a lot of peanuts and no beer, no lobster, nothing but different kinds of nuts. Some of this vocal minority is nutty, only hangs around nuts, thinks cashews are steak, and can’t figure out why all the rest of us idiots don’t simply love cashews with all our hearts. The sad thing is, once Fred bows out, I will be just like the people with the hanging chads in Florida – disenfranchised. Don’t be like me; stand by your man. This is one man’s story. Socialists on my left and socialists on my right. There coming. Surrounded. I’m out. See you in Gatlinburg. Tell me how the 2012 election comes out-if there is one.

  2. I knew girls like that in college, they were too cool for me date, and all the blood from cutting themselves was unsettling.

    Good comment TCH.

  3. Funny, my dad said something similar, albeit not as eloquently, about 15 years ago after breaking up with Ross Perot.

  4. It doesn’t matter if someone else wrote it. It appeared in Ron Paul’s newsletters. Repeatedly. Over YEARS. It’s ridiculous and dishonest to suppose he disapproved of this stuff, and a clear pattern emerges, within which his newsletter’s glowing assessment of David Duke comes as no surprise, sadly. Ron Paul would have to give a pretty good speech expresseing a profound change of outlook to get past this. I doubt Churchill would be up to the challenge. I’m afraid the new Barry Goldwater is in fact the new Willis Corto.

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