Will Ron Paul Be Left Out of Iowa Debates?

USA Daily reports that Fox News and the Iowa GOP are trying to exclude candidates polling below 5% from the December 4 debates in Iowa.

I’m not sure whose poll they are using for this, but I’m a little suspicious of the polling process to begin with. Wouldn’t it make more sense if polls were based on the respondant’s ability to actually name 5 people who are running for President? Or what if they only counted the people who were actually planning on watching the debate–by the phone in polls that follow them, Ron Paul clearly has support.

Then there’s this…

Ironically, according to Google Trends, Ron Paul’s name is actually searched more than Fox News is now. There is a growing concern among Paul supporters that corporate media outlets are attempting to manipulate the presidential election.

I think many have had this concern for a long time.

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5 Replies to “Will Ron Paul Be Left Out of Iowa Debates?”

  1. Ok. Love reigning in the gov’t, pro life, lower taxes, credibility/believibilty factor for Paul. Gold standard, not sure. I am probably anti-Iraq war, but not anti-war, which I am afraid a lot of Paul supporters are. But the main reason I can’t fully get behind him yet is because of statements like the one quoted above. Who the hell googles fox news? It is foxnews.com. Also, have you ever seen how many votes the BoSox, Ichiro, and other tech supported players get in the all star game? You techies can do funny things to popularity contests that are measured by internet votes.

  2. Who the hell googles fox news?
    You would be literally amazed at how many people enter the name of a website on search engine to get there instead of just typing in the name. Admittedly, some do it just so their wives can’t find out which sites they go to by looking in the auto-complete address bar of their browser, but still…

    You techies can do funny things to popularity contests that are measured by internet votes.
    Does this mean that you won’t be convinced that most people are either “rico” or “suave” by my curent poll?

    Disclaimer–internet polls were never mentioned in this post.

  3. I think you would be amazed that, prior to the search bars now on browsers, 72% of the people searched by web address, such as http://www.copiers.com when wanting to learn about copiers. Now, the percentage is going down, but the majority of searches run in browser search bars are still .com, like cars.com for example. Maybe it is because of the autocomplete feature, but I wouldn’t know anything about it.

  4. Ron Paul won every single televised debate and has won most of the straw polls. The old media only covers him when they are forced to. This is a battle of the American people against the special interests and the bought and paid for corporate media.

  5. I’m a pretty tech-savvy guy, but I don’t know what “rico” means and I’m too lazy to use Google (I mean Ask.com) to find out. Unfortunately, your poll, like most, doesn’t ask questions in a neutral way and doesn’t allow for all of the possibilities. There should always be a “I don’t care” option on polls. I probably enter a URL on the search line of Google (I mean Ask.com) about once a week, just by accident. If we elected our officials by number of searches in Google (I mean Ask.com), she would be named Lolita.

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