Divided We Fail — Scary

I saw this commercial for dividedwefail.org twice last night, and I find it pretty disturbing. Now the AARP (it’s actually an ad by them promoting their agenda) is using kids to scare us with health care and social security. I’m sure the AARP’s big concern is kids. After all, there is nothing to be gained for older people, right? I’m only posting it here because I can’t believe how manipulative and sneaky it is.

It’s bad enough that the AARP is using kids to hide their true motives. But the worst part of this ad to me is what it implies:

1) If you have a problem, look to the government to fix it.
2) You only have two choices when you vote.
3) We’d be better off if these two choices were narrowed down to a singular entity (no choice). I’d argue that we’re already there.

[youtube zlAYwZ0YxYs]

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36 Replies to “Divided We Fail — Scary”

  1. That really pisses me off! I’m a card-carrying member of AARP and have been for 12 years. I do it for the meager discounts that I sometimes get. I can usually get at least the same discount with my AAA card, so I don’t think I’ll lose anything when I quit my membership and shred my card.

  2. Great… as a single male with no children I already pay more taxes to provide services for other people’s children. Now the AARP wants me to pay for everyone else’s healthcare and retirement. What happened to personal responsibility? If you can’t afford kids, don’t have them! If you don’t save money towards your own retirement then why should I pay for your retirement?

  3. Dwight…

    Couldn’t agree more.

    And I think if people were left with the choice, many would actually choose to help people who need it.

  4. Divided We Fail is a good name, and with that title actually tells the truth…….. However, As I see it,
    the entire leadership of the organization is all representative of business interests. Not even one person is from the class of people who are most affected
    by current laws, and standards, or who would benefit from actions of the present leadership representatives.

    The current slogan trend in this country is “What’s good for business is good for the country.” Funny! That isn’t the way the slogan was originally stated in our country. Originally, under our founding forefathers, the slogan was, “What is good for the people is good for our country.” As politics became
    ‘professional’, and corporations found that spreading money in politics by greasing palms, and providing benefits to politicians gained much, the slogan changed to what it is today. This is what first must be changed, and there is a way to make that change.
    A very simple way, but, alas, in the past six years of surveying people I am unable to find even one person personally willing to put any effort into making that change.

    Where does that type of attitude in us ‘average’ folks leave us?

  5. Oh man! Those children would vote for that! They must be really informed then. In their next ad, they should talk about how they would vote for the candidate who would ban homework, give free candy, give more recesses, and minimum days at school.
    I think most americans will see through this garbage. Everyone was a kid at one point. When you grow up you realize that you were really naive when you were a kid. But, maybe some people never mature.

  6. “Divided We Fail” is right on. It fits in with the slogan, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll stand for anything.” It’s about right and wrong, and sticking together, and not giving in to: big government, big business, socialism, corrupt politicians (sellouts), corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers (a redundancy) and greedy attitudes every where that take all they can get without giving anything back. The ad is not about kids voting. It’s about voters holding the candidate’s feet to the fire before and after they are elected. The kids in the ad are the ones who have a right to expect us to get it right. “Divided We Fail” is where we have been and where we are going if we don’t stick together and get it right.

  7. Divided We Fail is a national initiative of AARP, the Business Round Table, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and our newest member, the National Federation of Independent Businesses. These are all organizations that often hold different views, but launched this effort to raise the voices of millions of Americans who believe that health care and lifetime financial security are the most pressing domestic issues facing our nation.

    We believe Americans have a right to know where our candidates stand. The opportunity to have access to health care and lifetime financial security is a basic need for all Americans. It is the foundation for future generations. Our grass roots volunteers take every opportunity at events across the state to ask presidential candidates how they will deal with these two issues.

  8. The opportunity to have access to health care and lifetime financial security is a basic need for all Americans.

    I agree. The opportunity to have access should be granted to all. That’s exactly what a free market allows. However, socializing these services as you guys advocate impedes my attempts to gain access to these services. Not good.

    I hope you guys aren’t hurting so much for traffic that you are mucking through the lower levels of the ‘net to find lowly blogs like mine and taking advantage of the fact that we follow comments.

    I gave you one in the original article. Now you’ve attempted to create a couple more by including one in your name and in the body of the post.

    I’ll let one stand, but the other has to go.

  9. If you can’t get me health care, forget about me fighting wars for you.

    I’m tired of under-achievers trying to step all over those who are doing worse than they are and calling it ‘conservatism’.

  10. The latest radio ad (sponsored by Divided We Fail) was about a man whose insurance company refused to pay for his knee replacement. No explanation why. He ends by saying that one big medical bill could wipe out their savings and they might end up living in their son’s basement (paraphrased). Huh? Who does he expect to finance his retirement and medical and extended care? Me? I have my own to worry about.

    There is another one where a mother, in her late 40’s, tells the story about how they have spent all of their money paying for excellent care for their son, who is autistic (I think). She says they have no money for retirement, and says it is too late to save up. Huh? again.

  11. The DWF is a pity party designed (i,m guessing) to get people outraged and thus mandate more government involvement. More government is never a good idea.

    Trying to be positive, I kept looking on DWF for anything helpful. Anything that might assist the divided people they say they’re trying to help. Unfortunity, DWF offers no self-help solutions whatsoever. I guess they think solutions are only available via the government and more tax dollars.

    Note to DWF web-master: BCBS (MI)offer medical plans starting at $60 mo. w/ HSA option. Health savings accounts are an excellent way to save (tax free) for out-of-pocket expenses. Family plans are in the mid $200. How much more affordable can you get? You can’t unless you think it should be free.

  12. AARP does have some valid points……This government is run by the elites and corporate america. Middle america does not have a voice……if we dont have a voice in government then yes our quality of life will suffer somewhat. Yes you can say we can fix our lives ourselves but certain things only the government can help us with. Like the massive outsourcing of good paying jobs leaving millions of americans with low wages and poor benefits. It does have to stop or the country could become a third world…..a nation without a middle class will become a nation without democracy…we should be concerned….very concerned

  13. Where in our Constitution does it state that “all People Should have Healthcare”? It’s not mentioned…imagine that.
    All people do have the opportunity to have healthcare, if they will just get off their lazy butts and go out and get a job. If someone has a doctors statement that they can not work, then so be it, give them Healthcare, but I along with millions of other people are tired of giving everything to those lazy SOB’s who won’t work.

  14. OK… AARP thinks healthcare is a basic need… I would say air, water, and food are MORE basic needs… so why doesn’t the government provide food and water for everyone!

    Lifetime Financial Security – a government-supplied need?! Are you f*(&^(g kidding me!!! Is this becoming the Soviet Union? I’ll tell you what, why don’t you add Large Screen HDTV and Popcorn to that list of government supplied “needs”, and I’m in! That’s only slightly more ridiculous.

    The Founding Fathers would be completely dismayed by how we’ve allowed the socialists to take over their grand experiment in freedom. I only pray that we’ll come to our senses before it’s too late.

  15. Shame on people, the things that you say about those that are less able than you! We all have to be on this earth, together! The only way we can be of any effect, on any thing is in numbers! If we stay divided in race, and gender, wealth, and all other things in government, they have you where we are now! The Powers That Be, and look at the state of things! The Republican Party,(George W. Bush and McCain and Cheney(the low life that he is will be there another four years, in different bodies! Lets try something new, lets all vote for a better USA, and the Clintons are old school, too!

  16. Oh Sandy. Where should I start? You obviously have an agenda just like AARP’s DWF campaign. It has less to do with standing together for a common cause but more to do with pushing a political agenda. Try and grasp this concept – Not everyone wants a government run health care system! And in my case, it has nothing to do with the “less able”. My dad is a retired truck driver and my mother is a hair-dresser. They worked their butts off for everything they ever wanted.

    Your right Sandy, health care should be free along with food, housing, clothes, college, gas and retirement. That way, we’ll all have more cash for the big screen tv and fancy car.

  17. I find it somewhat funny that people blame big business for all the worlds problems. I hate to break it to some people, but guess what, you probably are a part of corporate america. Do you work for a business? Do you make a living because your company continues to turn a profit? Oh crap, sounds like you are in bed with big business. Most money that business makes surprisingly doesn’t vanish into thin air, it actually goes to people. Its just like people getting pissed at oil companies for record profits. Once again, the vast majority of oil company ownership is common people who invested their money!

  18. United we Stand. Why are we still giving tax breaks to big oil? Answer: Because a big hunk of those dollars will go right back to the representatives who keep on supporting that legislation. Guess what, you and I are paying these oil companies to extract record profits from us at the pump. Are we stupid, or whatz? Wait a minute; the vast majority of citizens in this country cannot afford to invest in BP or any other oil company. This “trickle down” idea is a big con. There’s only one thing that has been trickling down for the last 30 years, and we all know what that has been, and sewage treatment plants are not designed to handle it. A BIG change is needed! And it better happen soon.

  19. OK-Socialized Health Care has not worked anywhere it has been tried. Well to do Canadians come to the US for better treatment. Ask any vet about being that has been assigned a military doctor that works for peanuts if he feels like he’s getting the best possible care. If the Government pays for your healthcare, the government will be paying your doctor, hence, government doctors. Boy oh boy.

  20. The Dividedwefail.org advertisements are misleading… you get what you pay for with insurance. My husband (at age 55) had a quadruple bypass 5 years ago – our cost? $250.00 for hospitalization deductible! I took him to the emergency room with chest pains in the late afternoon, after keeping him overnight and running tests, they operated early the next afternoon. A neighbor (Canadian citizenship 70+ in age) was diagnosed with the same problem (blocked arteries) and waited 2 years for his surgery under Canada’s socialized medicine… he is lucky to be alive! Personally I think they were hoping he would die first.

    Socialized medicine means that you and I (the INSURED) are going to pay more – not less. Vote REPUBLICAN…

  21. @Sandra Dunn
    I’m not sure Republicans offer too much relief from the move towards socialized medicine–at least not the current batch of Republicans. I still haven’t given up on the party’s potential to get back to its values though.

  22. Oh you people are so ridiculous. The tax revenue that would fund social health care comes from the ultra rich. They control 90% of the wealth, and they pay 90% of the tax revenue. You’re poor ass would be better off in the social health system, I promise. And you would have the flexibility to open your own business, instead of being tethered to the teat of big business, which you republicans almost seem to enjoy.

    Just grow some balls and realize you are just afraid of the unknown.

  23. Chris, you make a great point that nationalized health care would free up so many people from their employers. For that very reason, I doubt it will ever happen here. USA Inc. can’t afford for that to happen.

    As far as your argument that only the ultra rich would pay…

    Just because they are ultra rich doesn’t mean it’s ok to steal from them. And if you truly believe the ultra rich are the only ones who would pay…

  24. Chris, Chris, Chris: Employers are the so-called rich. A national health system will drive costs off the charts and drive employers to find ways to offset this new expense. Consumer goods will cost more and people will be laid off. Chris, an HSA for a single person is less than a $100/mo and a family plan is less than $300/mo. It’s all about personal choices and priorities. Health care isn’t unaffordable – it’s simply an unattractive expense you don’t want to pay for yourself. Next you’ll want us to make your car payments. Sorry Chris, time to grow up, educate yourself and become one of the so-called rich.

  25. I’m sure a national health care system if ran properly would be wonderful…but let’s get real here. Our government has a bad habit of wasteful spending. Does anyone think that the federal government can do this with any efficiency? Or will we have more uncontrolled spending that costs us twice as much as we are paying now? Seriously think about this for a moment….The US Army, arguably the most efficient branch of our government, hires “for profit” companies to make all of their equipment and it costs them less than if they did it themselves. If the Army is the most efficient branch and they can’t make their own stuff cheaper than a company doing it for profit…how do you suppose the federal government can do national health care?

    If the government is going to do anything, step in and stop the insurance companies from screwing everyone. If you ever really knew what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to a pharmacy and an insurance company…you’d be blown away. If you own a pharmacy and you do not accept insurance, you can price the product how you see fit. Most pharmacies keep the price reasonable because un-insured patients will flock to them. Go across the street to a pharmacy that accepts insurance and they are required by the insurance company to sell the product for at least a certain amount. Usually 5-6 times their cost. That is just one example of how crooked the current system is.

  26. Make no mistake, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me. I am waiting around on my 5 mil inheritance and living off passive internet cash until then (not like you 9-5 suckers). If americans have to die from curable diseases so that I can get an extra 1% interest I guess that is the way it is. At least I have enough of a soul to admit that the system is fucked. You sirs, are the ones that need to grow up.

  27. DividedWeFail.org noun. 1. An organization of narcissists wanting to impose mediocre healthcare on everyone (except the elite) and to impose crushing debt and steal choice, freedom and liberty from future generations. 2. Also, a group which believes Americans are weak and incapable of being self-sufficient, necessitating the imposition of a facistic, paternailistic government to take care of them from cradle to grave. 3. A group which despise America and hate the Constitution and the independent, federal republic it established. 4. A group which has never read the U.S. Constitution and doesn’t understand the independent, federal republic it established.

    I could go on, but you get the point. When will liberals understand that narcissism is NOT a virtue?

  28. DWF is a GREAT TITLE and it makes the point. We must come together. I am a 48 yr old veteran and have had several surgeries. The latest just 4 wks ago. An ACDF-Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. (check out the youtube surgery) The surgeon did an excellent job. I have great range of motion, no pain, etc., even with 2 polymer looking vertebra installed. I shutter to think what the surgical outcome would have been at the VA (who would also charge my insurance company.) Then you would have Government and Business intermingling. What’s up with that. There is an answer but it’s not LEFT or RIGHT. I think McCain/Palin can make some difference with this. Too bad it will take years to be implemented, unless their CHANGE in Washington is for real. Hard to say. There is an answer. I believe everyone blogging here could come together and get it right, somehow.


  29. Chris, thanks for coming clean. You don’t a payroll to meet, you don’t have kids college to pay for, you probably don’t have a mortgage or car payment. Sounds like your all set in life, Congradulatons! But, those of us trying to get ahead don’t need a trust fund baby telling us we’re not paying enough taxes. Is it fair that you have 5 Mil and I don’t? Why don’t you and your buddies just give half to the government. Ya, didn’t think you’d go for that sense it’s your money and not mine.

  30. This is just another site where I hear the deafening anger against universal health care. It will cost too much, it is socialization, it’s MY money…etc.,etc., yada, yada!
    Yet, where are all your indignant voices against the waste of YOUR money, my money, billions every month, on an illegal, immoral, and everlasting war in Iraq? Imagine the health care all that money could provide. Universal health and dental care are a right of every American citizen, and someday it will happen, in spite of all your negative rantings, so get used to the idea.

  31. Hi Maggie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I wish you’d spent a little more time reading my site. You’d have realized that I’m against the war in Iraq also, and have been since the beginning–all the way back to first war in Iraq in 1991.

    Feel free to comment any time…thanks for reading!

  32. Devived we fail ??
    It’s a proven concept thourghout history, and appearently
    the rallying cry for the American left. Look how well it
    works. Oppose by any means possible anything that even
    remotely smacks of consertive values. Lie ,cheat ,slander,
    spin, until your team gets in. “NOW” it”s time to all pull
    together??. It’s my fervent prayer that you “DO” fail in
    your policies of socialism and “PROGRESSIVE” reform.

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