Dennis Kucinich For Supreme Commander

I flipped over to the Democratic debates last night for a few minutes. I had to turn it off after just a few minutes due to the overuse of the words “progressive”, “tax”, “program”, etc. I even commented on Rogel’s blog before I went to bed that I just couldn’t take it.

Too bad I was fast asleep when Kucinich said those magic words–“unidentified flying object”.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Maybe life really does exist somewhere besides this planet. Maybe he was mailing a letter from Shirley McClain’s house and accidentally used one of her “special stamps”.

Funny though.

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2 Replies to “Dennis Kucinich For Supreme Commander”

  1. The UFO statement was actually OK. He lost me when he was talking about “wealth distribution up”. It was, almost, as wired as Hillary talking about Fiscal Responsibility…

  2. Yeah, Dennis got caught on the UFO thing. I was watching to try to get some looks at his hottie wife. She didn’t show on the tube, but his craziness shown through. Amazingly, he made the most sense of the night and probably had the most enjoyable debriefing at home or in the mother ship.

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