No Apartment For You!

A San Antonio man feels he’s been discriminated against because an apartment complex didn’t want to rent to him based on the fact that he has lots of tattoos.

Frankel e-mailed us a statement saying his apartment complexes do, in fact, “reject prospective tenants who have… tattoos exposed on the neck, head, hands and wrists, or large tattoos that cover over 40% of the lower or upper arm.”

Frankel says, “We do not discriminate. The above applies to persons of any race, color, gender, etc.”

I have to side with the apartment complex on this one. Dude, you CHOSE to get ink up and down your arm. That was a market decision. If you don’t like it, go buy your own apartment building and require all applicants to have a sleeve of tattoos before you’ll rent to them.

Think that will work? Probably not–the market won’t support it.

If they were denying people based on the fact that they have large birthmarks it would be different, but c’mon.

The Carrillos were also upset that the manager refused to refund their full $70 application fee. But mostly, they feel the policy is discriminatory.

So give them their money back and let them dry their tears with the check.

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3 Replies to “No Apartment For You!”

  1. As a tattooed person myself, this is one of the many reason I CHOSE to have the tattoo in an area that would be easily be covered by basic clothing.

    Getting ink on the neck, lower arms, and for you ladies the Tramp Stamp…right above the thong line…is what I refer to as a Career Decision.

  2. “Career Decision” huh? I know I’ve heard that phrase as part of a twice-yearly-retread-speech at some point in my life.

    I just can’t seem to place it…

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