Ron Paul with Stephanopolous

Stephanopolous acts like he’s never heard any of this before…unbelievable. And the look on his face when he tells Dr. Paul, “that’s not going to happen.” What a twerp. George hates hates hates than Ron Paul doesn’t play by the political rules of status quo Washington.

However, it is at least good that Ron Paul got some good publicity on a widely watched network show. I think the American people are smart enough to see that Ron Paul is actually sincere and backs up his talk with his own actions. Enjoy the video.

[youtube yAh9sp7ebdY]

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4 Replies to “Ron Paul with Stephanopolous”

  1. I am voting for Dr. Paul for one single issue….he wouldn’t allow his children to take out student loans.

    He is the man for me.

  2. Right, dead, spot-on, my friend.

    What a T-W-E-R-P. Clinton-boy has the stones to tell RP that he is not going to win.

    In the America I grew up in, anything is possible. In little Georgie’s America, the corruption runs so deep that he can predict the outcome of a Presidential election half a year in advance.

    I hate ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Pravda was a better news outlest than the lot of them combined.

  3. Ron has free market economics running through his veins. That means LOGIC. The free world cannot repel Islamic imperialism without an economically strong America. At the moment America is going bankrupt because of an immoral federal reserve system that was sneaked into the US in 1913 (watch “The Money Masters” for more info) as well as a welfare state that robs ordinary people of their resolve to look after themselves whilst robbing those that DO look after themselves of their hard earned cash!

    Vote Ron not just for a free US but for a FREE WORLD!!!!

    ps, I’m writing from the UK and look forward to emigrating to a Libertarian US in which the American dream is stil alive!

  4. From where I stand, it is us (i.e., the US) that are imperialistic…. i think the radical islamics are a negative side-effect of our own piss-poor foreign policies of the past 50 years. Then again, it could be because we let our women go to school, get jobs, have opinions… wait a minute, maybe radical islam doesn’t sound so bad after all!

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