Ron Paul’s Coverage After the S.C. Republican Debate

Will the mainstream media continue to ignore Dr. Paul’s campaign, or will they wake up and smell themselves? It may be a time for them to start giving Dr. Paul’s campaign some serious coverage.

After the Reagan Library debate, Ron Paul was ignored by big media, in spite of winning post debate polls conducted by MSNBC and ABC. ABC went as far as to delete comments posted on their site by Ron Paul supporters. His performance in the polls was dismissed as “…based on Web traffic over the past week, is that Paul supporters have mastered the art of “viral marketing,” using Internet savvy and blog postings to create at least the perception of momentum for his long-shot presidential bid.”

The danger for big media, and what they should guard against, is that this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. What if those of us who are “internet savvy” actually did start working hard to boost Dr. Paul’s presence in a non-organic way? There is a very real danger of this happening should the media continue to ignore the Paul campaign.

The smart move for big media is to cover the campaign and present it to the people on their terms. This is the only way they could actually control (spin) the information in the way they choose. Continuing to ignore its existence is only going to create a bigger firestorm down the road over which they have no control.

Isn’t it amazing that it is damn near impossible to keep good ideas quiet in a free speaking society? It’s almost as if someone intended it to be that way.

As a Paul supporter, it may seem odd that I’m willing to write the play book for the media, but I seriously doubt they would follow such a course. This is more or less so that I can say “I told you so” down the road.

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7 Replies to “Ron Paul’s Coverage After the S.C. Republican Debate”

  1. The Media is bought and sold.
    How could these people have the nerve to show their faces to America?
    Maybe the Media has been told to say this or say that,or Die.
    I can`t think of any other reason to set in front of millions of Americans that know they are lying,and with a smile on their faces act like their telling us the truth.
    I wonder if the Media Types have been promised 70 Virgins,or,a Castle in the sky if they do as they are told.
    But most of all I am a little upset with Americans for putting up with it for what seems like a lifetime.
    Jerry Alexander

  2. Hmm…well they are definitely covering him after he stood up to Guiliani. Of course they are spinning it to their own agenda.

    At least they are smart enough to do so.

  3. I thought Dr. Paul got snubbed after the California debate. It’s amazing how all the media elites and talking heads on Fox News discredited their own poll. Ron Paul is the only candidate I will vote for. I won’t vote for anyone else as a matter of principle– and to spite the media.

  4. Steve,
    I have to respond to any comment that mentions spite. Did you notice the “spite” can at the top corner of the site?

  5. I’ve been surfing the net all day now on this issue and it is truly amazing to see the support he’s getting and the lack of coverage and spin of his campaign. Ron Paul has won the first 2 dabates hands down! All research polls conclude

    Keep him in the spotlight and allow the fungus to dissipate! UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  6. My self , My family and as many friends as I can muster.

    …Bring them home stop Illegal undeclared wars.
    …Destroy the IRS and Illegal taxation.
    …Destroy the Fed, back our money with an actual source of wealth.
    …Dont let “Them” Chip us.

    You have our vote.

  7. I am a Ron Paul supporter and am saddened by the lack of airtime he has received even when he wins the debates and the polls.

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